Saturday, January 14, 2012

Emergency Averted on Gunston Road

A hole-in-the-road emergency was averted last week when hidden erosion was discovered before half of Gunston Road collapsed. 
Marilyn Breedlove, was doing her unheralded roadside litter clean-ups when she turned and noticed the cracked culvert and washed out embankment below the West bound lane near the entrance to Mason Neck Stare Park. She called Hyland’s office and VDOT. Fortunately, her assessment of the situation was given heed and VDOT had an emergency repair crew out the same night. 
The cracked cement culvert has been replaced, the aggrigate packed back and stones laid to prevent another wash out all before the pavement could give way. A few residents had to wait for one way traffic.  It could have been much worse flipping vehicles off the roadway.  
This could be a side benefit of community Adopt-A-Highway clean-ups. 

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