Saturday, January 14, 2012

Legislation Regarding Illegal Signs

State Delegate Dave Albo has introduced a Bill in the Virginia Assembly regarding illegal advertising signs on roadsides.
Fairfax County officials have been struggling since 1997 to devise a plan for enforcing Article 12 and to remove illegal signs. If given enforcement authority through HB 34, the county need not expend it’s budgetary resources in removing illegal signs.
The applicable penalty and fine for sign violators can be applied three days after the violator is notified and the Sheriff’s Community Labor force can be used to make the notifying calls.
Signs on roadsides in the public right of way or on trees, utility or VDOT poles are illegal. Signs on private property with permission are restricted. Special allowances are for non-profit temporary drives. The county has a brochure to describe proper display. Off-site signs advertising a private business, service, or other concern are not permitted. 
The bill has Passed in the house and been referred to Senate committee. Environmental activists are pleased that this has been introduced  so that the County will finally have incentive to keep roadsides clear of drain clogging litter. NOVA Realtors want to gut it so they can have exception to keep placing their illegal signs.  Write your Virginia Senator to encourage HB34.  

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