Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wounded Warrior Program Aug. 5th

The Franconia Station Citizen's Advisory Committee is sponsoring a Wounded Warrior Collection which ends August 5th. The collection is being done to support Arms Outstretched Ministry, Inc., which was founded and run by local FCPD officer Michelle Humphries. The organization travels to Bethesda Navel hospital every month and distributes care packages, as well as a catered barbeque lunch,  to the convalescent troops there. The organization also plans to the Fort Belvoir facility when it comes online.

Arms outstretched also provides financial aid to the families of wounded veterans in the form of airfare, car rental and hotel rooms to help alleviate the financial dtrain of an extended stay in a foreign city to be with a wounded loved one.

The collection point for donated items will be The Franconia Station, 6121 Franconia Road. If you should desire a receipt for what you've donated, contact MPO Jim Reid at (703) 922-8263 or by email at

To learn more about the organization, visit

For a list of desired supplies, visit and go to the events site

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