Sunday, February 19, 2012

FBI Warns of New Banking Scam

There’s a new wave of e-mail scams which pretend to be National or Federal agencies alleging some legal problem which the user is threatened must respond to by providing personal information and passwords. Do not reply-to or click on any embedded links. They lead to malware sites which take over your computer and steal your banking information. If you have clicked on one of these messages, check all of your accounts.
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  1. I know this is real because I received a couple of these messages. They look real because they borrow the logo of the federal agency and sound stern but only an idiot would give up usernames and passwords so you can easily reason that it's a scam. If you have "friends" who include you on open CC list on forwarded e-mails, get off those "friend's" lists. This how the spammers get collections of addresses. Responding to spam, only confirms your address as active.